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ALBUM REVIEW: K-Lone, Cape Cira

With the debut of his first LP – “Cape Cira”, we see K-LONE in a light not witnessed on Wisdom Teeth before as he trades the labels experimental wobble for lush and comforting ambient sounds. K-LONE provides a level of depth to the sound design on the scale of the Mariana Trench, ensuring that first time listeners enjoy “Cape Cira” as much as those who have had it on repeat since its release in April. 

Dreamy, bubbly percussion introduces the LP on the first track “Yelli” which does a remarkable job of setting the tone for the tracks that follow; an idyllic sound that is continuous throughout.“Cocoa” with bird song and xylophone ‘dings’ display imagery of white sandy shores, crystal blue waters and palm trees. This tropical sound theme is reminiscent of soundtracks from the Mario and Crash Bandicoot games, evoking a form of nostalgia and innocence through association to these childhood memories.

The hypnotic chant and grooves on “Palmas” have the listener swaying like a palm tree in a gentle breeze, whilst “Honey” gives each vibraphone hit space to breathe - comparable to the rippling effect of water. 

The track that stood out the most, personally, was “Bluefin”. Where bass notes with a club-ready feel were pieced together with a gentle vibraphone melody and birds tweeting atop, it felt as though the two worlds of K-LONE were united, the build-up of “Bluefin” culminates in an ethereal synth rocking the listener to a gentle daze by the end of it. The LP concludes on “Happened”, a ‘white noise’ like track, that feels as though K-LONE himself is sending us to sleep. 

K-LONE’s forward thinking approach to music was shown through this LP to work just as well off the dancefloor, as it does on it. “Cape Cira”is a warm, meditative album released amid troubling times, with it offering escape from the global pandemic and crisis currently engulfing our lives.

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