• Seb Lowe

Dear America,

An unwell nation blighted by disease, misinformation and idiocy.

The ailments plaguing your ‘great’ nation are seemingly twofold. One external and one internal. One viral and one autoimmune. One non-discriminatory, and one highly discriminatory. Covid-19 and Donald Trump.

The coronavirus pandemic represents a global crossroads, and an opportunity to redefine ‘normality’. So far in the US, this new ‘normal’ has included misinformation from the uppermost echelons of government, egotistical propaganda and the endorsement of constitutional procedural impropriety. The coronavirus has highlighted, if any of us needed a reminder, just how utterly unfit Donald Trump is to lead. These are worrying times.

However, perhaps the timing of this pandemic, and Trump’s gross mismanagement of it could have a silver lining. With the US election now less than six months away, Americans must consider who will lead them in the post-Covid era. It is time for Americans to consider what they want the legacy of 2020s America to be. Will it be remembered as the period in which truth lost all value, a time in which propaganda could prevail unchecked and a time of hostility and hatred? Or will it be a time of peace, tolerance and serious climate action?

The next decade is undoubtedly going to be crucial as we move towards a new world order, whatever that may look like, in a rapidly changing world. Would it be an overstatement to suggest that the future global trajectory is in the hands of the US electorate? I sincerely hope so.

It is crucial that the mistakes of political campaigns in years gone by are learned from. Without wishing to succumb to Godwin’s law (Google it) after only 300 words, it is all too clear that America is moving dangerously far to the right of the political spectrum. The world needs peace, unity and international solidarity now as much as it ever has.

Globally we are at a turning point, so much rests on the 2020s, and whether we like it or not America is going to have a huge part to play. As outsiders, we all really hope that America can get well soon; because when America sneezes, the world catches a cold.

Seb Lowe

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