• Cameron Sinclair

“The work of art is a scream of freedom.”

Lockdown has proven to be testing for all of us, the closing of schools, universities and workplaces has left us all with more time on our hands than we know what to do with. Many of us (myself included) have picked up old hobbies, new interests and welcomed pastimes with the hope of not dying of boredom whilst stuck at home. Because of this, it is apparent that a much-welcomed appreciation for art has come to light. For many people art has become much more than a hobby – it has become an escape.

During lockdown the world can seem very small, the option that many of us are choosing is to forget about life for a small part of the day and give our minds a needed sense of freedom, by doing something creative. Whether it be painting, drawing or simply decorating a cake, our human nature is to create and to be free. For we can be locked down in our houses, but as long as we can create, we can be free. Ultimately this is what sets us apart as human beings.

The power of art is truly a wonderful thing. Its therapeutic nature is greatly beneficially to our mental health, which can undoubtably be more fragile than ever during lockdown. As well as the reality that creative expression really does allow us to portray our emotions in a way, we may not otherwise be able to express. Art makes us see the world in a different light; to observe what is in front of us, to appreciate what we once had and provoke changes for the future. “Art, freedom and creativity will change society faster than politics” is a very fitting quote for the times. Where politics has failed us, hopefully art will produce the change we all hope for.

For me this begs the questions: has lockdown proven the importance of art in our lives? Should we stop perceiving art as a hobby and see it as a necessity? If so, should schools start making art compulsory to pupils of all ages? In my opinion the answer to all of the above is yes.

If you have been getting creative over lockdown, please send us photos of your work as we looking to bring people together through art by setting up an online gallery via our website and social media pages.

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